12" x 14" Framed Feather Art - Haere rā? or an upgrade?

12" x 14" Framed Feather Art - Haere rā? or an upgrade?

In January 2020, we started purchasing 12" x 14" frames and now we have about 13 left.  At the moment, our art is framed with normal glass and we're upgrading to a UV version.

We have decided to stop buying these frames and to ask our friends at the local picture framers to create a 12" x 14" UV glass frame for us.  This mean that the price of the framed art will have to change to reflect the new material costs... so it's the perfect time to purchase one before the price rise. 

How are your feather art with frames made?

Great question!  

We have never used a glue adhesive on our art pieces that are hanging in a frame.  

That's important because most of the time if the piece uses glue to fix it to the backing and/or the frame - the glue is not strong enough to hold the weight of the piece.  The art piece peels or falls off the glue due to the weight.  

If the piece is just too heavy, then the frame (especially the top part) starts to "cave-in" under the weight.  You can see the buckle effect.

How are the pieces sewn on to the backing?

We use an industrial heavy-duty sewing machine.  These are specialised sewing machines that are built to handle work ranging from upholstery fabric through to leather.  

Our pieces are sewn on to acid-free picture quality backing sourced straight from a picture framers (who have been in business for 40 years).

We hope to bring these back online soon.

In the meantime, it's haere rā to the framed art & a great time to grab one before the price rise.

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