5 ways to make your next online meeting a success

5 ways to make your next online meeting a success

Let me set the scene. I’m based in Auckland.  It’s Lockdown Alert Level 4, Chapter #5.  Like many other whānau (families), we’re all together at home. We’re rural based, so that’s not a great guarantee that I can even stay online with a consistent connection.  

 So by going full time into “online mode” meetings for the past couple of weeks, I now have some tried and tested tips about online Zui, Hui, Fono, meeting or catch ups that I thought I’d share.   Right, here we go into the list in no particular order.

  1. Make sure that if you don’t like your background blur it or you can always choose a neutral photo like a sitting room or something.

You really need to check and get to know your software settings.  I can’t stress that enough, otherwise if something happens that leaves you wondering, how on earth to fix it during a meeting.  9/10 it’s probably something to do with your settings.

Here you can add a profile picture and better yet, you can change the background before the meeting even starts.  I’d encourage you to do all of this before the meeting.

  1. Check your lighting.

Check your lighting because if it’s too strong behind you, people won’t be able to see you properly.

if you need extra lighting a lamp or one of those LED ring lights (Kmart have these in case you’re wondering), they’re a great option too.  

You can also pop online early, sometimes if you don’t have to wait to be let into the room, you can get into the chat early and check your lighting there.

  1. Keep a water bottle on hand during the meeting.  

Nothing quite spells unprepared like an unexpected cough or a cough that’s getting out of hand.  Rather than get to that stage, have a trusty water bottle handy (but of course a safe distance or with the lid on away from the device).  

  1. Make sure that your space bar settings are set not to unmute you temporarily.

I learnt this the hard way.  Imagine being at the kitchen table trying to arrange kids snacks while in an online meeting with no mute on.  I feel like I’m never going to live that one down  🤦🏽‍♀️🤣.  That’s probably what I check the most while I’m online, to make sure that I’m on mute.

  1. Choose a cool pair of earrings. 

Make a statement!

You might still be in your pyjamas but not too worry, people will still be looking at you in a meeting, so choose a great looking pair.  I normally choose from our wood and resin range, but thanks to our model from CM Backdrops, she is wearing some from our recycled tire feather earring range (more on that range next time).

What have you learnt about online meetings through lockdown so far?

If you have something that you think I’ve overlooked as part of this list or if you have something that you would like to add, please get in touch… I love to learn! 

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