How do I stop my earring from falling out?

How do I stop my earring from falling out?


How do I stop my earring from falling out?


My biggest problem has always been losing an earring.


Favourite pairs suddenly becomes matchless singles. It got so bad that I decided that I wouldn't wear earrings and it took a while for me to start wearing them again. You see I love earrings, I have really enjoyed being able to share our designs & to be able to see others enjoying them as well.


I didn't really like the back pieces, I had a habit of falling asleep with them in and I didn't like the way it kinda dug in to me... so the solution that I found?


When we first started with the earrings, we had a couple of choices - the old standard butterfly back, a circular plastic disc design or these rubber designed stoppers.

The issue with the butterfly backs is that it used to be difficult to replace them. The ones with the plastic disc design also seem to dig in (that's what I've found)


and the stoppers?


Well they have a couple of really good points to them:


* They are hypoallergenic - meaning that they contain no metal. So there's no chance of getting an allergy reaction, unless you have an allergy to rubber.


* Alot of people also 'squeeze' the hook to the ear, there's a couple of things that you might want to consider when you do this as an option. After a while the squeezed part might start to hurt, if you happened to push them together and catch part of your ear (it does happen). People don't realise that they've done it until is starts to hurt.

It can also change the 'look' or fall of the earring. The earring tends to stay attached (especially if it's a drop type) and stick out on an odd angle. If you forget that you have your earrings in and one is sticking out at an angle, you have a higher chance of it catching on the clothing.


* Help! I've lost one stopper! Let me know, honestly we buy them in the 1000's and apart from you having to pay a minimum cost (including), we're happy to send replacements.


So let your matchless singles be no more and chat to us about saving your earrings. Better yet, drop us a comment below, if you've found another way to keep your earrings together.



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