Kākāriki (Green) & Nature - The Bach Life Series

Kākāriki (Green) & Nature - The Bach Life Series


We’re back with another featured pair of gorgeous earrings from our Bach Life Series. These are the wood and resin, rectangle earrings in olive green. If you’ve been following our posts this week, you may have noticed a theme going on. We’re introducing our bach life series products and their represented colour and sharing with you some knowledge about the significance of the colours not only in our Māori culture but also the role that colour can play in your everyday life.


So with that in mind, today’s colour is green or kākāriki as pronounced in the Māori language.


When I think of the colour green, I think of forests and nature and astonishing green pastures.  I think of the many hiking tracks and remarkable land that covers both the North and South Islands of Aotearoa, New Zealand. The views from any of the mountains you choose to climb are equally as spectacular.


Green is a commanding colour in our country and has a variety of shades that are visibly seen in our native rakau (trees) and flora. It’s known to symbolize good health and brings about balance between our mind and body when healing.  This colour is known to bring harmony with those who associate with it and represents growth, energy, and tranquillity. Other common associations are money and good luck but do have a few negative connotations such as envy and jealousy.


Whenever I’m in the presence of Mother Nature herself I feel at peace, content, calm, and relaxed.



Wood and resin rectangle earrings in olive green.


These earrings have a balance of natural textured wood and coloured resin to create a contrasting design that makes them stand out in any environment.


With this stunning pair of wood and resin earrings in olive green, you’re bound to stand out at the bach BBQ or at the local cafe, making your admirers jealous with envy.

  • Size: approximately 2cm long, 1cm wide


  • Quality: These are made of natural textured wood and resin and are very lightweight and smooth.


  • Please note: Our earrings are hand-made from natural wood. The texture, shape, and colour of each earring will vary a little from that of the photograph. Occasionally there will be some tiny spots on them.


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📸@unsplash - Kyle Myburgh

📸@unsplash - Tim Marshall

📸@unsplash - Steve Gardner



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