Home Decor in New Zealand

Home Decor in New Zealand

Home Decor In New Zealand


Moving into a new home is a joyful experience because you have your own space to decorate.


When you first move in, the big question is how do I make this house feel like my home? Maybe it’s about new furnishings, or drapery, or the overall colour palette for the home that will make it feel like home.


Matching the interior design to you and your family is so important, it truly builds the feeling of comfort in your home.


These are all important parts of your interior design. Sometimes it can be complicated to get through the vast sea, that is interior design. What we’re going to do is take a look at the walls, to make them a feature you’ll be proud of.






1. Choosing the right colours.


The colours you choose for your walls will set the tone for your entire home. Make sure you choose a colour scheme that either matches, or is in obvious complimentary contrast to your furniture and home accessories.


For example, furniture that is brown will look stunning when paired with colours such as white or a minty green.


If you are looking for sustainability and an enviro-friendly paint option, have a look at the Natural Paint Company. Their paint is plant based, healthy and safe, with natural and renewable ingredients.


The Natural Paint Co. products are durable and washable which is a great option for younger families, and the best point about this company is that the paint is made right here in Aotearoa. We love this company’s mission and what they stand for.

It was an easy choice for us when deciding which paint to use for our home decor pieces.



2. Make a gallery wall.


When deciding on a gallery wall, there are a wide variety of ideas out there. You can either keep it cohesive or jumble materials and colours. You can mix up artwork, or your collection of postcards and family photos. Remember it’s all about what you like.


If you’ve made your gallery wall and think that you’re missing a stunning family photo or two to add to the display, look no further than the beautiful photographs created by Roslyn Nelson Photography.


Specialising in wedding photos as well as family photos, a photograph of you or your family may be what you need to add the finishing touches to your gallery wall.



3. Hang plates and handmade crafts.


There is nothing quite as authentic as handmade art pieces. Plates and handicrafts give your house a very homely vibe, as they reflect culture, family traditions, and your unique style as well.


Here are some ways you can decorate your walls with handicrafts and plates:

  • You can hang plates around your kitchen door, or on an empty wall, where you can showcase plates of different sizes and colours.
  • You can also hang plates on an outdoor wall of your house, with a few plants hanging from the roof, or put them down in front of the wall.

This will serve as a statement wall outside the house and will also serve to pique the interest of anyone who visits.


Eclectic and traditional handmade crafts can be sourced from unique places such as the Clevedon Creatives + Co in Clevedon.


Clevedon Creatives + Co is definitely an oasis for authentic handicrafts of all sorts. They not only sell clay creations and jewellery, but also framed pictures and artwork that will make for interesting conversation pieces for anyone that visits your home. A lovely addition to an already-vibrant wall décor.



4. Make a statement with your favourite accessories.


A good rule is to let the statement accessory stand out. Keep the scale in mind. Have fun with your statement accessory! It could be a painting, a rug, a wall clock, a mirror or a hand craft.


My favourite wall hanging is this framed art piece. Its velvet soft feathers and beautiful wooden frame add vibrancy and colour wherever you hang it.


I might group it with a hanging planter on one side and a small round mirror hanging on the other. It can be placed in various places around your walls, including your outdoor wall décor. They are available in beautiful colours ranging from turquoise, coral, red, and metallic black.


As soon as you’re ready to have some fun with your decor, reach out to us at Aramoana Gifts. We have enchanting design options and are happy to help.


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