Is purple a love colour?

Is purple a love colour?

Is purple a love colour?


In Te Reo Māori, the common word for purple is waiporoporo, named as such because of the purple poroporo plant. Waiporoporo refers to the dye of the plant, which would be a brilliant shade of purple.


Purple symbolises wealth and nobility due to how rare the colour occurs in nature. It was difficult to acquire a natural purple dye, meaning that it was a colour that only royalty could afford. Nowadays, royalty such as Queen Elizabeth II are still seen wearing shades of purple due to its significance. Due to its rarity, it is also seen as a colour that best represents beauty and extravagance.



Shades of purple evoke similar yet profound meanings. For example, lilac is a shade of purple closely interlinked to feelings of romance and love due to its flower’s meaning in the language of flowers. Indigo, also, commands feelings of wisdom and is a shade of purple closely associated with many aspects of spirituality. Deep purple represents devotion and bonding; it symbolises the ability to commit to another. Magenta represents resonance and romantic harmony. Lastly, lavender is a colour that is strikingly feminine.


In decoration, soft shades of purple are best complemented with pure white or rich brown colours. Painting your wall a deep, luscious shade of purple makes for an alluring contrast against white furniture and lovely brown desks. Lighter shades of colour also make for an inviting colour for bedding and towels for a softer, more comfortable look. In general, purple best complements colours such as pink and will contrast colours like orange, yellow, and green.


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