What are the perks of personalised stickers

What are the perks of personalised stickers

What are the perks of personalised stickers?

What happened when we decided to get personalised stickers

For the past couple of years we’ve had generic paper stickers for our orders.

We try really hard to use packaging with recyclable materials, where we can.  One of the things that we use a lot are paper stickers.  We have die cut boxes for our orders and the lid does not always stay down or closed.  So we end up having to place a sticker or a thank you sticker somewhere to keep it closed and then tie it with twine.

We decided that we would try personalised stickers.. StickerDot is a custom sticker printing business that is based in Auckland.  They reached out and together we created a logo sticker for our orders.

The overall experience:

The website was very easy and straightforward to be able to work out what I needed.  I really appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to email them to find out a quote.  That the website was able to give me that information.

The stickers are great quality and very easy to use.  The communication with the company was very good.

The next time we need to order stickers, we were thinking that we might have our website on there as well.

It was super fast delivery.

Why we made our stickers paper.

We chose to print on paper because it’s cheaper than vinyl and easier to customise. It’s also more environmentally friendly and just as durable as vinyl.

There are lots of reasons we love personalised stickers. Here’s a few:

  • They’re environmentally friendly because we chose the paper option (so even the backing is recyclable).
  • They're effective at getting people's attention, making our brand stand out from the crowd and showing off our personality!

And finally, we also love how fun stickers are - who doesn't like getting something in the mail?



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