Who are Aramoana Gifts?

Who are Aramoana Gifts?


Ko Whiria te maunga

Ko Hokianga te awa

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka

Ko Kaiwaha te marae

Ko Ngapuhi nui tonu te iwi

Ko Tracey toku ingoa

Kia ora & welcome to Aramoana Gifts.


Kia ora, my name is Tracey Aramoana & Aramoana Gifts is our whānau business based in Paerata, South Auckland.

We specialise in creating high quality contemporary Kākahu (sewn feather cloaks) & creative feather art. We also stock a range of unique jewellery, earrings & taonga.


Our story

In 2018, I was getting married and I asked my mum if she could please create a kākahu for me. In total, she made two for our special day.  One for me and one for my husband.


 It was the life changing event that first gave us (mum and I) the idea to begin Aramoana Gifts.


 The kākahu made me feel and look amazing on the day.  It helped me to celebrate and to show how special and loved I was, not only because of what the day meant, but all because the stunning kākahu was made just for me. It was an honour to wear it.


From the Tāniko weave pattern to each feather colour in the row, they were all chosen because they represented a connection and were meaningful to us.


We (mum and I) wanted to create high quality, contemporary sewn kākahu (feather cloaks) because it would give other people their moment to celebrate (or commemorate) a special life event and to be able to show their love.


I also wanted to be able to honour mum's (Nanis) creative skills and talents.


Nani’s lifelong learning journey began with harakeke and then extended to raranga, mop and muka. She attended marae, lessons, courses, training, noho and wānanga to improve and hone her skills. As a career sample machinist (with over 40-50 years experience) - she used her technical knowledge to fuse contemporary materials.

She supported her whaanau by working as a sample machinist for some of New Zealand’s top fashion icons. Since 2018, she has focused on mahi with whaanau to create art with Aramoana Gifts.

Our goal is for Aramoana Gifts to be a recognised and sought after brand renowned throughout New Zealand for high quality contemporary kākahu (feather cloaks) & jewellery.


We live by our values of whānau, excellence, accessibility, creativity and aroha, and encompass this in our work.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our journey so far.

Tracey & whānau

Ngā mihi mo to Tautoko ki ngā Pākihi Māori o Aotearoa

Thank you for supporting Māori Business in New Zealand  


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