Gifts & Taonga

The gifts and taonga that we have available are sourced locally or Aotearoa (NZ) wide.  Some of the gifts we create or assemble at our workroom in South Auckland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your bone carvings from?

They are sourced from NZ owned and operated suppliers or in some cases, from NZ stores that have had to close due to COVID.

Who carved the bone carvings?

As we source the bone carvings from different stores or businesses, we do not know who the carvers are.  The pieces that we do know who carved them - we name on the pieces for sale.

Are your pieces blessed?

Yes, everything that we sell is blessed.  

Where do you get your pounamu from?

The raw pounamu is from the South Island.  The other pieces are Aotearoa pounamu.

What are the meanings of the pieces?

Please click here for the meanings.