Kākahu/Feather Cloaks - A Gift of love

A Gift of love...

Whānau (family) come together for many reasons: for example weddings, birthday celebrations & Tangi. There is one theme that underlies all these events — love.

You want to find the perfect gift that not only represents the love you feel, but will also be treasured by the person or whānau who receives it.

About our contemporary kākahu

It is our ability to create high quality, contemporary kākahu (sewn feather cloaks). that are not only beautiful, but priceless.

These are not traditional Korowai.   We are respectful of the traditional mahi and beautiful art form.  

Our contemporary kākahu are made with feathers that have been stitched—not woven—to create stunning, individual pieces.

Can we part pay, layby, Afterpay or other options?

Yes, however work on your kākahu will not begin until the order is fully paid.

A deposit is needed to secure your order. 

How does the fundraising option work?

This is one of our most popular options. 

With the fundraising option - you are able to raffle off a kākahu (the size is your choice). Please contact aramoanagifts@gmail.com for more information.

How long does it take to make a kākahu?

Please ask when enquiring about your korowai, in case it can be made urgently.

The contemporary kākahu (cloaks) can be made anywhere between 1-3 weeks depending on the length, the type of feathers or taniko required.  If it is not in stock, we will let you know immediately.

A traditional korowai can take a weaver 6-9 months depending on the size and the time that is needed to complete it. 

How do I look after my kākahu?

1) Hang your taonga inside out on a clip hanger

2) Store your taonga in your wardrobe (cool/dark). 

Remember to fold the feathers inward, so that the lining is facing you.  

Every so often, take out and give it a gentle shake.

3) Please put a few moth balls in your wardrobe.

4) When you go into your wardrobe, take out the taonga and give it a good shake.

5) if it is in a bag, you can use that to transport your taonga, but please don’t leave your taonga in it.  The moths will love it in the bag, but you definitely won’t.

How do I look after my kākahu with white feathers?

While korowai with white feathers look gorgeous, it is important to note that over time those bleached feathers will return to either a brown or beige colour. The best idea is to make sure that the korowai is stored out of direct sunlight, as the rays will speed up the discolouration. 

There is no time limit/length on the feathers turning back to a brown/beige and anyone who orders a kākahu with white feathers will also be informed about this before they purchase the kākahu. We can not be held responsible for the discolouration of the feathers. 

Special meaning...

Each piece has a special meaning; all are crafted with care and held to the highest quality standard. It is our goal to create exceptional pieces that you will treasure forever.

Please reach out and let us know how we can help you find your unique piece or the perfect gift for your loved ones.

We love to find out where our taonga has found it’s forever home, we would appreciate it if you could please leave us a review on our Facebook page.  Your feedback, comments or  suggestions are always welcome, please message us through this this site, Facebook, Instagram, text or email.

Ngā mihi mo to Tautoko ki ngā Pākihi Māori o Aotearoa 

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