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Adult Custom Kākahu 100cm length - Full length

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Kākahu - contemporary style 

These kākahu are approximately 100cm in length (depending on the feather length).

Different shoulder widths are available.

80cm Small

100cm Medium

120cm Large

Colours are custom, unless you would like a standard design (in the photos).

All pieces are blessed, unless you would like us not to before they are collected or sent.

The tāniko (referring to the top part of the cloak) was traditionally placed at the end of the piece to give weight to it and to hold it down.   Now these are placed at the top, sides and at the end.

The feathers used are trim - hen, these are typically 8-10cm long.  The longer feathers are rooster.  These are typically 12-15cm long. The feathers are purchased from a New Zealand wholesaler. 

Our kākahu have a polyester backing.

Our patterns and the way that they are sewn have been created by our onsite sample/full garment machinist with over 40-50 years experience.